Digital solar operations & maintenance

Maximizing energy generation for asset owners.

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Make sure your solar panels optimize energy generation throughout its entire lifespan by investing in good caretaking.

We optimize production by utilizing Skyfri Intelligence, a digital asset management software specifically developed for solar PV panels.

O&M track

Maximizing our clients performance with next generation caretaking.

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A digital approach

We optimize O&M by bringing technology into the mix

Our proprietary asset performance management system, Skyfri Intelligence, monitors site generation 24/7, detects and addresses site issues, underperformance, natural losses and equipment failure in real time. The integrated CMMS system then dynamically create incidents and sends priority tickets to site team and/or OEMs to reduce downtime.

Skyfri provides end-to-end AM including O&M and digital asset management
Skyfri provides end-to-end AM including O&M and digital asset management

Operational asset management

We provide comprehensive O&M services with production and availability guarantees.

  • Comprehensive O&M (incl. CMMS, performance guarantee)

  • Performance monitoring, root cause analysis & reporting

  • Performance improvement planning & execution

  • Preventive, breakdown & predictive maintenance

  • Robotic module dry cleaning

  • Spare parts management & reporting

  • Vegetation control, cleaning & security

  • H&S/EHS management & reporting

  • Complete compliance & contact management

  • ROW and annual operating planning (AOP)

  • Greener transportation (Electrical vehicle)

Our projects in India

As India’s third largest O&M provider, we are physically present at over 240 locations.

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We promise to maximize energy generation and asset performance, making sure IRR targets are met.

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